Sunday, October 29, 2006

Better Sex Series : Where To Look For Them?

Better Sex Series : Where To Look For Them?

People are looking for better sex series day after day. In the past, sex series were rare and people made do with magazines and sex books. However, sex series have caught up very quickly and people love it. The sex series are proving to be the most widely used sources of sex education for singles as well as couples all around the world. This is because they are easily available and you can see the exact act right before your very eyes. Let's discuss more on better sex series in the next paragraphs.

You can visit your local store to buy a full set of better sex series. Most of the store owners will give you a good discount if you buy the whole set. You can also log on to the internet and find your favorite titles. You can also place your orders online and the series will be shipped to your residence within a few days of placing the order.

Better sex series can show you how to try out different positions and help you enjoy your sexual act. You and your partner can watch the better se series in your bedroom and then emulate the couple in the series. You can also try out your own positions. You will have to remember that whatever sexual act you do, both of you should be very comfortable with each other during the act. Better sex series helps you to achieve confidence in the act and also makes you take the initiative. It is not necessary that every time you take the initiative. Let your partner also take the initiative. Encourage her to do so.

Better sex series also give you good tips on foreplay. Foreplay is very important before actual sex as it builds up excitement and let's the sexual last for a longer time. It also builds up the tempo as you can start slowly and then pick up pace.

Better sex stories are a must have for all newly married couples to remove the hindrances that the have in their minds for sex. It is natural that everyone is not so confident of themselves in the beginning, but after watching the series they can take steps in the right direction. However better sex series can prove to be an addiction, so maintain good control on watching the videos. It should not interfere with your work or your career.

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Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

How To Give Your Woman 5 to 10 Orgasms In One Night!

By David Van Arrick

Our latest question is from James who writes,

"Can all women have multiple orgasms? Mine says
she is satisfied after one clitoral climax and is too
sensitive for any more touching."
July 2005 - James

Dear James,

In my experience all women are capable of multiple
orgasms and continuous orgasms, (there is a difference
by the way). Now if your woman says she is satisfied
with one (and you believe her), that would more than
likely be the end of the story.

However many women who "say" they are satisfied with
just one orgasm have trained themselves to be that way
and this is usually for one of several reasons.

A)The first orgasm is intense and she gets too sensitive
afterwards; as in your case.

B) She doesn't believe she can have multiples because
she has never had them before.

C) Every so often there are control issues involved that
may take a little more skill and finesse to overcome.

In this newsletter we will deal directly with your particular
situation. First of all every woman (barring physiological
or psychological issues) is capable of achieving multiple
orgasms beyond a shadow of a doubt just as all women can
have an ejaculatory orgasm!

The challenge becomes -- how do you get her there?

When your woman gets too sensitive (which happens with
every woman by the way) all you really have to do is cut the
intensity of your stimulation to about one tenth of what you
did to get her to orgasm in the first place.

(This does take some finesse and practice by the way but
it's well the time it takes to learn this sexually awe inspiring

This is where techniques like the magic touch and the ten keys
to maximum sexual arousal taught in my book absolutely must
come into play.

Remember I said in book one that orgasms make a woman
more responsive to sexual stimulation and that's true, but like
men, women also have a "refractory period" between orgasms
during which time the same level and type of stimulation will
cause "over-stimulation and discomfort to her?"

In order to counteract this effect you can do one or all of the

A) Decrease the amount of pressure you're using (the one tenth rule
is a good place to start). Magic Touching will help you get beyond
this barrier to multiple orgasms by training you to have a more
sensitive and delicate touch that lets you skyrocket her sexual
desire and arousal without have to press or stroke nearly as hard.

Using too much pressure is a common mistake when fingering or using
your tongue and the training exercises in "Secret Orgasm Tips" will help you tremendously. They have made a huge difference in my love making skills and they will do the same for you!

B) Switch the type of stimulation you are using along with the
pressure. If you're using an up and down stroke change to a circular
stroke. If you are using a two or three finger split, switch to
palming or giving oral, etc. Anything that changes the stimulation
and delivered lightly and gradually getting stronger in proportion
to her ability to enjoy it will help you get her to her next

Pay Attention To Her Responses... Always! Her Body Will Tell
You Everything You Need to Know!

C) Target another orgasm generating spot i.e. G- spot, deep spot
etc (this is where chaining comes in really handy.

D) Resume maximum sexual arousal using the "Secret Orgasm
until her refractory period is over and go for her next

Using the techniques in Secret Orgasm Tips can significantly
shorten the female orgasm refractory period and have her ready to
climax again in minutes.

If you haven't already downloaded your personal copy of "Secret
Orgasm Tips,"
what are you waiting for? These are the absolute
BEST secrets for taking you from "Joe average lover" to "Sexual
Super Star" in minimum time!

But don't take my word for it! Download your copy now!
It's safe, secure, and most of all - discrete! Just click the
Link below and you can have your copy in five minutes...

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These are just some of the irresistible sex secrets I use regularly
to give women an average of FIVE to TEN orgasms an hour
(my record is actually much higher) but for the average woman,
giving her five to ten orgasms in just one hour will make you
king in her eyes, have her begging you for more and more sex
every single day, cause her to do anything she can to please
you in every conceivable way and make you feel like an
unstoppable sex god in the process!

Well that's all for today ladies and gentlemen.

Be sure to give treat yourselves and your lovers to greater sex
than ever before learn the secret and sometimes forbidden sex
techniques that will take you from Sexual Zero to Sexual Hero in no
time flat! Download your copy of Secret Orgasm Tips! Today!

All the Best!


David Van Arrick

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Better Sex Video Series

Better Sex Video Series

One of the best ways to enjoy and learn new sex techniques is buying a better sex video series. A better sex video series can provide you excellent information and newer ways to enjoy your sexual act. The video series will help you to know the importance of sex. The video series teaches you the different positions through which you can do your sexual act. A better sex video series also stresses on the point that you should be an active partner during the sexual act and not be a mere spectator. This is because if your partner finds of that you are not much interested in the act and always he takes the initiative then he might become frustrated after a while. Always remember that you are not here as a critic for your act but a serious participant.

Sex is not a duty or a formality to be completed but it is an act that has to be enjoyed throughout. A better sex video series helps you understand that sex is very necessary for a successful marriage. Sex is not everything in a marriage but sex is a very important component of your marriage. A better sex video series consists of a set of 2-6 cds that might be in a continuation series or on totally different subjects. For example, in case you want to know everything about Kamasutra, then you will have to buy a full set of DVDs as Kamasutra has more than a hundred different positions.

A better sex video series teaches you the finer nuances of sex, where you and your partner can see the full video and become experts within a few days. As a result you can share tips with friends as well. A better sex video series can be bought from your local store or can be ordered on the internet. There are hundreds of websites on the internet which have very good collections of a better sex video series. These series are sold at very reasonable costs and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

A better sex video series will reach your home in a few days after placing the order for the same. Do not watch all the series in one go. Watch just one series, enjoy it and then slowly proceed to the other cds. As a result you will be able to keep control on your sexual urge and will not be easily distracted during working hours in the day. At night you can tell your partner to watch the series with you and then enjoy the fantasies that you and your partner design in mid air.

Better Sex Video Series

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Better Sex Tips for Couples

Better Sex Tips for Couples

One recent survey in America concluded that approximately 50% of new marriage will end in divorce. The same survey also indicated that the trend is on the rise.

This is a sad truth and they are many reasons which contribute to a marital split, for example, lack of trust, lack of communication, lack of a satisfying sex life etc.

In this article, I am going to reveal some better sex tips for couples. Sex is one of the key elements to help maintain a strong and sustainable love life. It helps to build a strong bond between the couples and makes both of them come closer together.

Every couple needs sex for pleasure. It is necessary that all couples maintain their tempo of having sex throughout their married life. Having regular sex has proved to keep the relationship between the couples healthy and also helps to keep the fights at bay. How frequent should a couple have sex? The answer is depends, some couples enjoy having sex once a week, others three times a week and there are other couples who have sex everyday. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what feels right and satisfying for the particular couple.

In order to have better sex, both partners should take active participation in the sexual act. You should know your partner's hot buttons and know when to press it! You should not just be a spectator to the sexual act. In the end, there are chances that you and your partner will not be satisfied and you will be frustrated.
A trick to overcome this is to always remember the best sex that both of you had and your only duty is to deliver a sexual performance which surpass the last best experience. This is called continuous sexual improvement and a valuable trick to sustain a life long relationship.

Better sex for couples also includes being confident in the sexual act. You should also look, smell and feel good. No one would like to have sex with a person who has bad breath and whose body gives a foul order.

Sex can be performed anywhere. It is not necessary to have sex in the bedroom. Sex can be performed on the sofa, in the basement, under the stairs, in the car, in the garden shade, on the beach etc. The location and whereabout is only limited to your own imagination and creativity.

To enjoy better sex, both partners should have the same amount of passion between each other. Sex does not start under the sheets. It can start during the day like giving your partner a passionate kiss when he leaves for office or holding each other's hands in the park.

You should never plan the whole sexual act in advance but keep it spontaneous. The moves can change according to the situation. It is fine if you plan the first few moves in advance though to warm up the atmosphere.

Another very important tip for having better sex is foreplay. It is absolutely essential before you get into the actual act of making love. This is because foreplay breaks the ice and also creates a lot of excitement in you and your partner and makes you ready for the final act.

You can also create a romantic environment in your bedroom by lighting exotic candles, keeping the room dimly lit and decorating the room with flowers. This proves to be a perfect setting for your sexual act.

In the end, remember to tell your partner how exciting and pleasurable the whole sexual experience was and you would definitely love to do it more often.

Better Sex Tips for Couples

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Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Better Sex Positions

Better Sex Positions

It is not necessary that you perform sex only in one position every time you have sex. It is said that variety is the spice of life and it also applies to sex as well. In this article we discuss some better sex positions so that you can practice the same with your partner. It is very necessary that you be careful while experimenting with a new position. You or your partner may not be comfortable with a new position or maybe feeling hurt. It is recommended that you stop performing the act immediately. Let us discuss some better sex positions in the next paragraph.

Different types of positions

Man on top

This is one of the most common positions where man gets on top of the women and they come face to face. Majority of the couples start their fist sexual act with this position. However nowadays people consider this position to be old fashioned and look for better sex positions.

Women on top

This is one of the more preferable positions today. In this case the woman gets on top of the man and she has total control on the speed of the sexual act. The most common position in this category is that the woman goes on top of the man who is lying on the bed and then inserts his penis inside her. She may choose to sit atop him, sliding up and down.

In this case it is the man who sits on the bed or the chair and then the woman sits astride. The woman may be facing towards the man or facing away from him. This type of position is a little slower in pace than the other better sex positions.

This is one of the most difficult positions as both the partners are standing. Penetration may become difficult and since most of the women are shorter than their partners, they will have to stand on the stool to get into a better position. The partners may hold each other during the act to get a better grip.

In this case the partners lie on their sides on the bed. The only disadvantage in this position is that one partner has to keep his legs above the legs of the other partner and as a result the other partner may get cramps after a while.

Rear Entry
In this case the man inserts his penis from the rear end. This means the woman has to kneel on her knees and then the man enters from the rear.

Better Sex Positions

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Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

How To Turn A Fridgid, Unresponsive Woman Into Your Sex Slave

by David Van Arrick

One of the most gratifying parts of the work
that I do is helping people to overcome
obstacles that they may face in their sexual

I do this kind of work on a number of levels.

As a hypnotist, a practitioner of Oriental
Medicine, as a sex coach and ultimately as a
giver of information and dispelling many of
the myths and erroneous concepts that keep us
sexually in the stone ages...

(now don't get me wrong some people are really
turned on by being dragged around by their
hair... but that another topic completely.)

Perhaps the most immediate and global means
that I have to help as many folks out there
as possible is simply my ability to be able
to communicate with each and every one of you
out there.

Man or woman, all of us can benefit from
having an expanded understanding of our
sexuality and just how much joy, excitement,
pleasure, and fulfillment is possible when
you apply the secrets I am teaching you.

Today's question is from Doc, who writes...


Dear David,

Are there women totally incapable of orgasm?
Especially the ejaculatory. Is there an age
limit for women for orgasm?

MY RESPONSE:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Are there women totally incapable of orgasming?

To this question I have to qualify my answer.
If she is a healthy biologically sound woman
with all her parts intact, then yes! I believe
she is more than capable of orgasm.

Now, depending on her experiences growing up,
her past sexual history etc. there could be
some barriers to orgasm that may be in place.

I will share one such experience that ultimately
resulted in my beautiful paramour having the most
orgasmic experiences of her life, whereas prior
to our getting together she could never orgasm
with a partner before.

(I know, I'm THAT darn good. =)

I met this young woman through the INTERNET. We
exchanged pics and emails and finally met in

It didn't take long for us to escalate our
relationship to the bedroom.

I noticed that she really, really loved sex, but
when she got close to orgasm she would pull back
or stop.

It took me a while to gain her trust about this
but she finally confided to me that she had been
molested when she was young and after that she
was never able to allow herself to have an orgasm
with a male partner.

Well at that point, being the compassionate soul
that I am, I made it my mission to free her from
her non-orgasmic prison.

It took a couple weeks, but finally one night I
looked her in the eyes and told her I wanted to
give her an orgasm.

She looked uncertain but my foreplay skills are
rather formidable, and her G-spot was primed for

(How to do this is explained in detail in my
book "Ten Keys to Maximum Sexual Arousal!")

After I had gotten her aroused to the necessary
level using the "Ten Keys," I began using my
special technique for creating the one orgasm
women can not fake.

I knew it would take a while without using the
rule of three, but I wanted to be sure she
wouldn't be holding herself back and then lie
to me about having an orgasm.

Women faking orgasms is a huge problem for us
men, and most women fail to recognize that faking
an orgasm only serves to perpetuate the less
than adequate sexual skills of their male lovers.

But because women are so bent on not hurting their
man's feelings, they fake orgasms, thus giving men
the wrong kind of feedback...

In other words, men think what they are doing is
working when it really isn't, and because they
think its working, they keep doing it...

It's a vicious cycle that... oops! I am off topic
again... sorry!

Back to the topic at hand...

Fifteen minutes after I began using my special
techniques, Elsie suddenly finds herself on my
bed wriggling in full-blown ecstasy as her body
is being rocked by one ultra powerful orgasmic
shockwave after another.

By the time it was over (or at least mostly over)
all she could do was lay there in a fetal position
soaking in a huge puddle of her own female ejaculate
totally and completely swept away and overwhelmed
by the tsunami-like force of her own orgasm!

Now, in Elsie's case, it took some time for me to
dissolve her sexual barriers and gain her trust
to the point where I could bring her to orgasm
and she would allow herself to be brought to

Most women that you meet will not have such hard
core issues, although they may have many
pre-conceived notions, myths and misconceptions
about what is possible for them based on the
experiences they have had with other lovers and
the books they have read.

The single biggest key for helping your woman
achieve orgasm is mastering the art of sexual

Master this one area of sexual expertise and
women will beat a path to your door!

Are there any age limits to women achieving an

In my experience, there is no upper age limit for
a woman to experience an orgasm.

My personal belief is that women in their 80's
and 90's would still love to have good orgasms
and the more, the merrier.

For all I know, they may still enjoy them through
masturbation or from their husbands or significant
others. The onset of menopause only signifies the
end of childbearing years, not the end of a woman's
ability to be sexually responsive or experience
and enjoy orgasm.

In fact, I have gotten letters from folks in their
eighties thanking me for sharing my techniques
and how by using them they have significantly
improved their sex life after 50 years of marriage.

The simple truth is unless your heart won't take
the pressure (check with your doctors) there simply
is no age at which a healthy human being can not
have and enjoy an orgasm.

You're never too old to enjoy sex and you're never
too old to begin to sharpen and improve the sexual
skills that will give you countless hours of pleasure
and full and complete control of your sexual destiny.

All you have to do is choose to do the work I teach
in my course Secret Orgasm Tips

If you don't have this course yet, you can download
it here...

Click Here To Download Your Copy Today!

Until next time, may your orgasms be multiple and
your sex life never be the same again!

All the Best!


David Van Arrick

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Better Sex Techniques

Better Sex Techniques

Today we discuss how to spice up your sex life by following some better sex techniques. It is rightly said that having sex is a right for all. However it is also very necessary not to have unprotected sex with multiple partners as it may invite a lot of trouble in the form of AIDS and other sexual diseases. Protected sex should also be followed to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Let us discuss some better sex techniques in the next few paragraphs.

The first and foremost principle to be followed for better sex techniques is that the sexual act should be enjoyed thoroughly. At the end of the sexual act you should be also to satisfy your partner and satisfy yourself. Sex is not a duty that has to be completed in a fixed time, it is a natural experience to be enjoyed without any limits on time.

It is very important to remember that sex does not start only in bed. In fact during the day also you can get a little intimate by kissing your partner when you go to office, holding your partner's hand in the park, etc. Touch plays a very important role in sex. It excites you and also gives you a feeling of security. You can rub your partner's shoulders or massage her back after a long working day. It is also very important to excite your partner by looking good and smelling good. For example, your partner would not like to kiss you if you are suffering from bad breath all the time.

Better sex techniques trying out new ways to excite your partner. A little bit of foreplay is a must in the beginning. Then you can slowly take things further up. It is not advisable to rush through your sexual act as sex is an experience to be enjoyed. Rushing through your sexual act will not leave you satisfied many times.

A better sex technique also involves making your partner feel how enjoyable the whole act was and telling her that she is great in bed. Also tell her that you both should have sex more often. Also sex is something that is planned as well as spontaneous too. You can start the sexual act as you have planned but then adjust according to the situation in the later stages. While doing sex, you stop thinking about anything else other than what you are doing at that time.

Better Sex Techniques

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Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to Have Better Sex

How to Have Better Sex

In this article we discuss how you can have better sex. It is the responsibility of both the partners to enjoy their sexual act in a natural way and not criticize the act at the end. Both the partners have to remember that for having better sex both the partners should be active partners to the sexual act and not be mere participants.

Foreplay is the most important thing in having better sex. Foreplay includes kissing and caressing the erogenous zones of your partner's body, massaging your partner's body with scented oils, running your fingers through your partner's hair, whispering naughty things in her hear, etc. The basic reason of foreplay is to make your partner excited for the act and also make the act last longer naturally. In the next paragraph we discuss some very important points for having better sex.

One partner should take the initiative and the other partner should respond well to the sexual act. This action will definitely lead to better sex with your partner. Also better sex starts with the right attitude that you have towards each other. Sex is a joyful and a pleasurable experience and you should also be generous and understanding to your partner. This is because your partner will then respond in the same way as you do. It should be remembered that sex is not a duty that has to be forgotten after it is finished, but sex is an experience that has to be enjoyed with your partner of your and your partner's free will.

The best part in having better is to devise newer and newer ways to satisfy yourself and your partner. Orgasm should not always be the ultimate aim of having better sex, but satisfaction should be given more importance. It is important to experience the sexual act slowly instead of winding things up just for the sake of it.

You can also buy yourself books, magazines and videos on how to have better sex. All these sources can be ordered from the confines of your home and delivered at your door step. These sources show you different ways to have better sex and be more confident in the sexual act. It is not necessary that every time you take the initiative. Let your partner take the initiative as well so that she gains the confidence that she also has the ability to start the sexual act.

How to Have Better Sex

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Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

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Better Sex

Better Sex

Welcome to my Better Sex blog.

I'm a Sex Expert. I can't imagine living my life without better sex.

I'd like to share different better sex tips and tricks with you in my blog. Hopefully, you and your partner will benefit from these sex tips and enjoy an increasing amount of love and intimacy.

Better Sex