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Better Sex Techniques

Better Sex Techniques

Today we discuss how to spice up your sex life by following some better sex techniques. It is rightly said that having sex is a right for all. However it is also very necessary not to have unprotected sex with multiple partners as it may invite a lot of trouble in the form of AIDS and other sexual diseases. Protected sex should also be followed to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Let us discuss some better sex techniques in the next few paragraphs.

The first and foremost principle to be followed for better sex techniques is that the sexual act should be enjoyed thoroughly. At the end of the sexual act you should be also to satisfy your partner and satisfy yourself. Sex is not a duty that has to be completed in a fixed time, it is a natural experience to be enjoyed without any limits on time.

It is very important to remember that sex does not start only in bed. In fact during the day also you can get a little intimate by kissing your partner when you go to office, holding your partner's hand in the park, etc. Touch plays a very important role in sex. It excites you and also gives you a feeling of security. You can rub your partner's shoulders or massage her back after a long working day. It is also very important to excite your partner by looking good and smelling good. For example, your partner would not like to kiss you if you are suffering from bad breath all the time.

Better sex techniques trying out new ways to excite your partner. A little bit of foreplay is a must in the beginning. Then you can slowly take things further up. It is not advisable to rush through your sexual act as sex is an experience to be enjoyed. Rushing through your sexual act will not leave you satisfied many times.

A better sex technique also involves making your partner feel how enjoyable the whole act was and telling her that she is great in bed. Also tell her that you both should have sex more often. Also sex is something that is planned as well as spontaneous too. You can start the sexual act as you have planned but then adjust according to the situation in the later stages. While doing sex, you stop thinking about anything else other than what you are doing at that time.

Better Sex Techniques

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