Thursday, October 26, 2006

How To Give Your Woman 5 to 10 Orgasms In One Night!

By David Van Arrick

Our latest question is from James who writes,

"Can all women have multiple orgasms? Mine says
she is satisfied after one clitoral climax and is too
sensitive for any more touching."
July 2005 - James

Dear James,

In my experience all women are capable of multiple
orgasms and continuous orgasms, (there is a difference
by the way). Now if your woman says she is satisfied
with one (and you believe her), that would more than
likely be the end of the story.

However many women who "say" they are satisfied with
just one orgasm have trained themselves to be that way
and this is usually for one of several reasons.

A)The first orgasm is intense and she gets too sensitive
afterwards; as in your case.

B) She doesn't believe she can have multiples because
she has never had them before.

C) Every so often there are control issues involved that
may take a little more skill and finesse to overcome.

In this newsletter we will deal directly with your particular
situation. First of all every woman (barring physiological
or psychological issues) is capable of achieving multiple
orgasms beyond a shadow of a doubt just as all women can
have an ejaculatory orgasm!

The challenge becomes -- how do you get her there?

When your woman gets too sensitive (which happens with
every woman by the way) all you really have to do is cut the
intensity of your stimulation to about one tenth of what you
did to get her to orgasm in the first place.

(This does take some finesse and practice by the way but
it's well the time it takes to learn this sexually awe inspiring

This is where techniques like the magic touch and the ten keys
to maximum sexual arousal taught in my book absolutely must
come into play.

Remember I said in book one that orgasms make a woman
more responsive to sexual stimulation and that's true, but like
men, women also have a "refractory period" between orgasms
during which time the same level and type of stimulation will
cause "over-stimulation and discomfort to her?"

In order to counteract this effect you can do one or all of the

A) Decrease the amount of pressure you're using (the one tenth rule
is a good place to start). Magic Touching will help you get beyond
this barrier to multiple orgasms by training you to have a more
sensitive and delicate touch that lets you skyrocket her sexual
desire and arousal without have to press or stroke nearly as hard.

Using too much pressure is a common mistake when fingering or using
your tongue and the training exercises in "Secret Orgasm Tips" will help you tremendously. They have made a huge difference in my love making skills and they will do the same for you!

B) Switch the type of stimulation you are using along with the
pressure. If you're using an up and down stroke change to a circular
stroke. If you are using a two or three finger split, switch to
palming or giving oral, etc. Anything that changes the stimulation
and delivered lightly and gradually getting stronger in proportion
to her ability to enjoy it will help you get her to her next

Pay Attention To Her Responses... Always! Her Body Will Tell
You Everything You Need to Know!

C) Target another orgasm generating spot i.e. G- spot, deep spot
etc (this is where chaining comes in really handy.

D) Resume maximum sexual arousal using the "Secret Orgasm
until her refractory period is over and go for her next

Using the techniques in Secret Orgasm Tips can significantly
shorten the female orgasm refractory period and have her ready to
climax again in minutes.

If you haven't already downloaded your personal copy of "Secret
Orgasm Tips,"
what are you waiting for? These are the absolute
BEST secrets for taking you from "Joe average lover" to "Sexual
Super Star" in minimum time!

But don't take my word for it! Download your copy now!
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These are just some of the irresistible sex secrets I use regularly
to give women an average of FIVE to TEN orgasms an hour
(my record is actually much higher) but for the average woman,
giving her five to ten orgasms in just one hour will make you
king in her eyes, have her begging you for more and more sex
every single day, cause her to do anything she can to please
you in every conceivable way and make you feel like an
unstoppable sex god in the process!

Well that's all for today ladies and gentlemen.

Be sure to give treat yourselves and your lovers to greater sex
than ever before learn the secret and sometimes forbidden sex
techniques that will take you from Sexual Zero to Sexual Hero in no
time flat! Download your copy of Secret Orgasm Tips! Today!

All the Best!


David Van Arrick


Blogger Tanay said...

The other vaginal orgasm comes by stimulating the G-spot. It is not really a spot but more of an area located a couple of inches along the front wall of the vagina. Depending on the woman the G-spot area can be as small as a pea or as large as silver dollar. The G-spot responds to firm pressure and gentle tapping. This can be a drawback because when the G-spot is stimulated she my feel she has to urinate. Stimulation of the G-spot often causes fluid to build up in the Skene’s glands or female prostrate. Many women are uncomfortable with the sensation of fluid build up and are afraid the fluid they release is urine. Numerous studies have confirmed the fluid or female ejaculate is not urine but is akin to prostrate fluid found in male ejaculate. And like a man’s, her ejaculation fluids can “squirt” out from the urethra during orgasm and is completely normal.

9:35 AM  

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