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How to Have Better Sex

How to Have Better Sex

In this article we discuss how you can have better sex. It is the responsibility of both the partners to enjoy their sexual act in a natural way and not criticize the act at the end. Both the partners have to remember that for having better sex both the partners should be active partners to the sexual act and not be mere participants.

Foreplay is the most important thing in having better sex. Foreplay includes kissing and caressing the erogenous zones of your partner's body, massaging your partner's body with scented oils, running your fingers through your partner's hair, whispering naughty things in her hear, etc. The basic reason of foreplay is to make your partner excited for the act and also make the act last longer naturally. In the next paragraph we discuss some very important points for having better sex.

One partner should take the initiative and the other partner should respond well to the sexual act. This action will definitely lead to better sex with your partner. Also better sex starts with the right attitude that you have towards each other. Sex is a joyful and a pleasurable experience and you should also be generous and understanding to your partner. This is because your partner will then respond in the same way as you do. It should be remembered that sex is not a duty that has to be forgotten after it is finished, but sex is an experience that has to be enjoyed with your partner of your and your partner's free will.

The best part in having better is to devise newer and newer ways to satisfy yourself and your partner. Orgasm should not always be the ultimate aim of having better sex, but satisfaction should be given more importance. It is important to experience the sexual act slowly instead of winding things up just for the sake of it.

You can also buy yourself books, magazines and videos on how to have better sex. All these sources can be ordered from the confines of your home and delivered at your door step. These sources show you different ways to have better sex and be more confident in the sexual act. It is not necessary that every time you take the initiative. Let your partner take the initiative as well so that she gains the confidence that she also has the ability to start the sexual act.

How to Have Better Sex

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