Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Have Better Sex

Have Better Sex

People are trying new ways to have better sex than what they already have. To have better sex is an art and a skill that can be learnt from experience and other sources. Remember that sex is a mind game and it will turn out to be better on how you play it. First and foremost you can have better sex by enjoying every moment of the sexual act. Appreciate your partner in her sexual act and be confident throughout. Sex does not start under the bed sheet. It starts to kindle inside by a touch. Yes touch is very necessary to stimulate feelings inside the body. You can start by caressing your partner gently on her lips and hair and then moving on slowly to her private parts. Make your partner feel at ease during the sexual act. Get her in confidence and assure her that you both are going to have the best time of your lives every time you both have sex.

Also to have better sex you must try out newer and newer ways to excite her. You can buy a vibrator and then slowly run it in her private parts to get her excited. In case you are a woman, you can get your guy excited by planting a deep kiss on his lips and then kissing him all over the body. You can then proceed with oral sex, off course if he is willing to go for it. Try out different positions and find out what gives you immense pleasure. You can repeat the same act next time if you are satisfied.

Remember that having better sex is a mind game. You should be able to look and feel sexy to excite your partner. For example come out of the bath completely naked and then try to seduce your partner. Believe me, most of the time your partner will give in to your demands. You can also create your own positions or refer to positions in the Kamasutra. There are hundreds of positions in the Kamasutra that you can try out. Kamasutra books and video series are easily available on the internet.

To have better sex is to maintain closeness with your partner throughout your married life. Do not ever let the zeal run out of your mind, no matter how old you get. Having sex once in while builds a great amount of love, respect and excitement for each other. In the end never let your love for each other fade away.

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