Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Better Sex Tips - How To Make Sure She Never Fakes Her Orgasms With You!

Better Sex Tips - How To Make Sure She Never Fakes Her Orgasms With You!

Hello friends,

Today’s article covers an issue that haunts men
who take their skills as a lover very seriously
(which is most men by the way).

In fact I have discovered that when it comes to
the topic of sex most men are actually more
uncomfortable than women when discussing it with
the opposite sex.

I’m not talking about guys talking smack in the
locker room. I am talking about real, honest,
sexual communication with the opposite gender.

But that is a topic for another time. Today’s
Question is from Andy who writes…

QUESTION FROM A READER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks for your briefing about sex, orgasm and
related. My Question is -- How do you know that
a woman is orgasming (I mean 100% sure)


MY RESPONSE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi Andy.

How do you know that a woman is orgasming I mean
100% sure?

Hmmm… let me count the ways.

Signs of Impending Orgasm...

As she gets closer and closer her vaginal muscles
will tense more and more. Her mental focus will
be on the source of sexual stimulation, her
extraneous body movements may decrease or increase
(usually decrease) her eyes will close, her face
and chest will flush, the muscles around her
vaginal opening will clench tighter and tighter.

The muscles in her abdomen, pelvis, hips and thighs
will tense, her back will arch and she may thrust
her hips forward toward the source of the stimulation,
and finally usually right before she climaxes there
will be what I call " the calm before the storm" just
before she goes over the edge of climax she will
completely freeze up this may last anywhere from one
to five seconds after which all of her muscles
spontaneously relax and she becomes lost in wave
after wave of orgasmic release.

Some women will make lots of noise, some will be
absolutely silent, some will moan, some will even purr.

The verbal responses to orgasm are highly individual
and therefore not always reliable. The physiological
indicators I outlined above are very reliable. Plus
when you learn the one orgasm women can not fake you
will always know that you got her off.

It’s easy to think your woman is orgasming if you only
pay attention to the sounds that she makes.

Remember a master key to being a true sexual master
is the ability to read and interpret what is going
on with your partner’s body in ways most men truly
have no clue about.

It takes some time and a bit of practice but when you
finally begin to notice the indicators I am describing
they become like a sexual GPS that will tell you exactly
what you need to be doing and how to do it in the way
that fits your woman the best and that’s a level of
sexual skill every woman lusts for in a man and it makes
you a veritable god among ants!

Don’t take my word for any of this. Take the techniques
I have given you and use them on your women and prove
to yourself just how powerful and unstoppable they are!
Besides the homework is a heck of a lot of fun!

If you're really serious about pleasing your woman
better than any man ever has (or ever will), then you
really need to check out my special course "Secret
Orgasm Tips"

Once you learn my secrets, you'll never have to worry
about a woman EVER faking with you again!

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All the Best,

David Van Arrick

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Better Sex Tips For Women

Better Sex Tips For Women

Today we discuss better sex tips for women. Women sure can be charming by the way they present themselves and also by the way they dress up. But men like women who are also great in bed. Men like women who take the initiative and are confident in their sexual act. Men like women who give them complete pleasure and satisfaction at the end of the sexual act and they themselves should feel satisfied with their partners. Let's discuss some better sex tips for women in the next paragraph.

It is often said that women only when women have 7 times the pleasure as men that women can reach an orgasm. A woman can have no orgasm but that does not mean she is not satisfied after the act. At the same time a woman may have multiple orgasms at the same time. The ultimate aim for a woman would be to satisfy her partner and herself. A woman should devise new ways to excite her man in the beginning and get him involved completely in the sexual act. She can also gift herself or her man sex videos that are sure going to turn them both on. Sex videos are a great resource to learn the finer and more beautiful nuances of sex. Videos also help you learn the different sex positions to that sex does not become a monotonous act.

A better sex tips for women would be to get stimulated in the beginning. Performing sex just for the sake of doing it won't bring in any enthusiasm and pleasure. Very important part is to be you in the sexual act. After some time can respond according to what your man wants. Be as flexible as possible in the whole act. Try out different things to excite your partner like tying a handkerchief around his eyes and then slowly running your fingers on his body. Or you can write erotic stories and then narrate them to your partner in order to stimulate him and respond to your demands.

Tell your partner how comfortable you feel in his arms and thank him for the great experience. Tell him that you both would like to take the fantastic journey as much as you can. This is sure going to build a stronger sexual bond between you and your partner. In the end you can also create an environment to excite your partner like lighting candles in the room and keeping the room dark.

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Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Better Sex Series

Better Sex Series

People are looking for better sex series day after day. In the past sex series were rare and people made do with magazines and sex books. However sex series have caught up very quickly and people love it. The sex series are proving to be the most widely used sources of sex education for singles as well as couples all around the world. This is because they are easily available and you can see the exact act right before your very eyes. Let's discuss more on better sex series in the next paragraphs.

You can visit your local store to buy a full set of better sex series. Most of the store owners will give you a good discount if you buy the whole set. You can also log on to the internet and find your favorite titles. You can also place your orders online and the series will be shipped to your residence within a few days of placing the order.

Better sex series can show you how to try out different positions and help you enjoy your sexual act. You and your partner can watch the better se series in your bedroom and then emulate the couple in the series. You can also try out your own positions. You will have to remember that whatever sexual act you do, both of you should be very comfortable with each other during the act. Better sex series helps you to achieve confidence in the act and also makes you take the initiative. It is not necessary that every time you take the initiative. Let your partner also take the initiative. Encourage her to do so. Better sex series also give you good tips on foreplay. Foreplay is very important before actual sex as it builds up excitement and let's the sexual last for a longer time. It also builds up the tempo as you can start slowly and then pick up pace.

Better sex stories are a must have for all newly married couples to remove the hindrances that the have in their minds for sex. It is natural that everyone is not so confident of themselves in the beginning, but after watching the series they can take steps in the right direction. However better sex series can prove to be an addiction, so maintain good control on watching the videos. It should not interfere with your work or your career.

About The Author

Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Better Sex Video Series

Better Sex Video Series

One of the best ways to enjoy and learn new sex techniques is buying a better sex video series. A better sex video series can provide you excellent information and newer ways to enjoy your sexual act. The video series will help you to know the importance of sex. The video series teaches you the different positions through which you can do your sexual act. A better sex video series also stresses on the point that you should be an active partner during the sexual act and not be a mere spectator. This is because if your partner finds of that you are not much interested in the act and always he takes the initiative then he might become frustrated after a while. Always remember that you are not here as a critic for your act but a serious participant.

Sex is not a duty or a formality to be completed but it is an act that has to be enjoyed throughout. A better sex video series helps you understand that sex is very necessary for a successful marriage. Sex is not everything in a marriage but sex is a very important component of your marriage. A better sex video series consists of a set of 2-6 cds that might be in a continuation series or on totally different subjects. For example, in case you want to know everything about Kamasutra, then you will have to buy a full set of DVDs as Kamasutra has more than a hundred different positions.

A better sex video series teaches you the finer nuances of sex, where you and your partner can see the full video and become experts within a few days. As a result you can share tips with friends as well. A better sex video series can be bought from your local store or can be ordered on the internet. There are hundreds of websites on the internet which have very good collections of a better sex video series. These series are sold at very reasonable costs and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

A better sex video series will reach your home in a few days after placing the order for the same. Do not watch all the series in one go. Watch just one series, enjoy it and then slowly proceed to the other cds. As a result you will be able to keep control on your sexual urge and will not be easily distracted during working hours in the day. At night you can tell your partner to watch the series with you and then enjoy the fantasies that you and your partner design in mid air.

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Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Have Better Sex

Have Better Sex

People are trying new ways to have better sex than what they already have. To have better sex is an art and a skill that can be learnt from experience and other sources. Remember that sex is a mind game and it will turn out to be better on how you play it. First and foremost you can have better sex by enjoying every moment of the sexual act. Appreciate your partner in her sexual act and be confident throughout. Sex does not start under the bed sheet. It starts to kindle inside by a touch. Yes touch is very necessary to stimulate feelings inside the body. You can start by caressing your partner gently on her lips and hair and then moving on slowly to her private parts. Make your partner feel at ease during the sexual act. Get her in confidence and assure her that you both are going to have the best time of your lives every time you both have sex.

Also to have better sex you must try out newer and newer ways to excite her. You can buy a vibrator and then slowly run it in her private parts to get her excited. In case you are a woman, you can get your guy excited by planting a deep kiss on his lips and then kissing him all over the body. You can then proceed with oral sex, off course if he is willing to go for it. Try out different positions and find out what gives you immense pleasure. You can repeat the same act next time if you are satisfied.

Remember that having better sex is a mind game. You should be able to look and feel sexy to excite your partner. For example come out of the bath completely naked and then try to seduce your partner. Believe me, most of the time your partner will give in to your demands. You can also create your own positions or refer to positions in the Kamasutra. There are hundreds of positions in the Kamasutra that you can try out. Kamasutra books and video series are easily available on the internet.

To have better sex is to maintain closeness with your partner throughout your married life. Do not ever let the zeal run out of your mind, no matter how old you get. Having sex once in while builds a great amount of love, respect and excitement for each other. In the end never let your love for each other fade away.

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Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Better Sex Life

Better Sex Life

Often people attribute their failed marriage to a failed sex life. Either one or both the partners are not willing have sex due to problems like stress, tension, work overload etc. However it should be remembered that sex is not everything in marriage but sex is still a very important part of marriage. Sex is an experience that should be enjoyed by both the partners right till the last act. A better sex life does lead to a great married life in most cases. So what are the secrets to a better sex life? Let's discuss the tips for a better sex life in detail in the next paragraphs.

The first and foremost thing for a better sex life is that the feelings for each other should come from the heart. The ultimate aim is to enjoy your sex life and constantly devising something new. You should always encourage your partner and let him bring the best in her and also in you. Always motivate each and other and be by one's side in case one is facing a problem. Sex is not a duty to be performed; it is a fantasy that has to be brought in reality. A better sex life always plays a very important part in maintaining good health. Research suggests that people with better sex life are immune to many diseases and also people remain active. Research suggests that people who don't have a good sex life often become frustrated easily and are extremely short tempered. Also they often lead a life which seems to be incomplete.

Hence it is true that a better sex life leads to a better married life. Quarrels between the couple will be less as sex brings the best in both of you. Sex brings you to closer as you develop close relations with each other. Better sex life often is the end to all the quarrels. Also a better sex life is enhanced with a loving touch occasionally. You can indulge in a non sexual touch like rubbing your partner's shoulders or just holding hands when in a car or a garden. It is not necessary that you touch your partner only during sex. After all there is much more to marriage than sex and that is the feeling of being secure and close in each other's company. There are also a lot of books on better sex life that you and your partner can refer to and practice the principles stated in the books in real life.

About The Author

Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert".

Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge
with individuals and couples.

To spice up your sex life, please visit: Secret Orgasm Tips


Thursday, November 02, 2006

How To Kiss Like A Moviestar

By David Van Arrick

Hello my care free and courageous connoisseurs
of creative kissing and countless carnal pleasures,
Tis I! Your buddy, the one and only David Van Arrick!

I'm back to share some more outstanding insights
into the world of all things erotic, carnal and
ultimately orgasmic.

Now the interesting thing you will discover as we
journey together on the forbidden path to true sexual
mastery is that the path itself has many seemingly
unrelated tangents and offshoots -- twists and turns
that sometimes seem to have no direct relation to the
forbidden arts of sexual mastery as most folks would
understand them but have faith and pay attention
because the connections often become excitingly
immediately apparent as time goes on...


Today's installment is not one of those cases!

In fact far from being obscure this particular post
concerns one of my very favorite topics --- Kissing!

If your kissing game sucks, you're probably not going
to get any further in the course of making love to a
woman because many many women judge how good a lover
you are by the way you kiss her the very first time.

Although many women are more than willing to kiss you
a second time in the hopes you just had an off moment,
the bottom line is if your kiss can't make her toes
curl, buckle her knees and have her heart pounding
and racing in her chest like a hyper-active jackhammer,
your probably going to find yourself immediately shoved
into the "love-dud" category or the Joe-average lover
slot to say the least.

That's not a good place to be, believe me.

Well I don't know about you but I don't accept mediocrity
in my life in any way, and especially not in my sexual
and romantic skills and neither should you.

Now for today's question...

Dear Sir,

You write: "When you go in for the kiss, cup her face in
both of your hands so that your palms are gently cradling
her jaw line and your thumbs are just in front of cheek

This seems really awkward, Normally, I like to move in
with my mouth then slowly get my hands involved. ( I
don't mean feel her up, I mean more along the lines of
what you describe -- I just introduce it later in the
process). How do I go about your way without it being
really awkward?



Dear Cahn,

Well I think we understood you weren't going to feel her
up right on the initial kiss but thanks for the
clarification none the less.

First of all I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you
say you feel awkward. But from what you do say it appears
that the order in which you bring your hands into play
lies at the root of that awkwardness.

The simplest way is when your ready to go in for her
first kiss...

Look her deeply in the eyes, allow your hands to slowly
but gently touch the side of her cheek you can use one
or both hands.

I find for first kisses the two hand approach works much
better. Cup the back of her head or contour her jaw line
with the palm of your hand.

Your thumb can rest either just in front of the ear or
on the cheekbone just below her eye or any point in
between. While maintaining eye contact, gently draw her
lips to yours. Allow your eyes to close as your lips
gently touch.

That's the quick lesson.

For First kisses, I always use my palms to face technique.


Because It Just Plain Works More Reliably Powerfully and
Consistently Than Any Other Method of First Kissing I Have

I discovered many years ago that when you really want to
get a woman's romantic desires clicked into over drive
the fastest way to do it is by touching her anywhere on
her face while your kissing her.

Now pay attention here folks.

Notice I did not say her sexual drives!

Understand that kissing certain areas of her body will
signal her to become romantically turned on, and
consistently more passionate, while others will actually
stimulate and accelerate her sexual drives and desires.

The first thing you want to do with any woman, (at least
in the world of David) is get her romantic muscles flexing
and her passions enflamed... Why?

Because her sexual drives inevitably follow her romantic

Guys this is important...

If you can't create that physical/emotional connection or
chemistry necessary to turn her emotional sparks into a
roaring flame, your likely to throw too much fuel on the
fire to fast. The result...

All progress stops and the fire goes out!

Have you ever tried to fan a small flame in order to make
it grow and accidently blew it out?

In your effort to feed it more oxygen you actually gave it
too much fuel too fast and poof!

Out goes the flame!

That's what I'm talking about when it comes to enflaming
a woman's passions.

Your kiss creates the tiny flame i.e. the connection
(everything is clicking for her inside) the touch on the
face adds just enough fuel at just the right pace to cause
that romantic spark to grow into a passionate flame.

Once the passion fire is really burning, if you know where
to go you can actually transition to other parts of her
body that acts as sexual accelerators, which means that
you are actually transitioning her from a predominantly
emotional sense of arousal to equally physical sensation
of arousal.

You see the key to mind blowing sex is not how big your
penis is or how good looking you are or even how long you
can last in the sack...

The key is... How Deeply Aroused You Can Get Her!

You will discover that the root of many of the obstacles
you will face in your journey to sexual mastery will
ultimately come down to this one simple element --

Lack of Sexual Arousal!

The more aroused your partner becomes the more receptive
she is to all manner of sexual acts, stimulations, and

Don't take my word for it!

Prove it to yourself... master the art of building sexual
tension taught in my Secret Orgasm Tips course and she
will think your the greatest lover she's ever had or will
have the first night your together!

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For all of you who wrote in with some really great
questions be on the look out for more answers and
awe inspiring techniques and concepts that will turn
you from Joe average lover into a sexual superstar
practically overnight.

All the Best!

David Van Arrick